Billing breakdown per db

is it possible to get the billing breakdown per database in the pro plan?

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At this time there is no way to get a rows queried breakdown on a per-database basis.

If you would like to see your row usage on a per-connection basis, you can append rows_queried to the username you use to connect to This will instruct to send NOTICE messages containing row usage stats for that connection (and may help you understand which of your databases is triggering more row usage).

If you haven’t already, please review Rows Queried In-Depth for more information about rows queried tracking.

BTW, stay tuned for pricing updates in the coming weeks

thanks for the response . is it possible to do get the row queries through the rest api as well? and for the jdbc if you can send me a sample with rows_queried , it would be useful. i just want to know if their any seperator or anything after the username


Via our rest API you can find the total rows queried for all accessors against a specific database:

Click the “200 response” line to get a modal showing the response object.

And to answer your other question, here is a sample JDCB connection string with the rows_queried option enabled.


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