Billing Plan with a Cap?

I’d like to create more than 3 DB, but I do not want to have a plan where I could, conceivably, run up astronomical sums (possibly because a student makes a mistake while making a query of my DB, perhaps). Is there any billing plan that allows me to say, stop billing at $25, for example?

In short, yes—you can set spending limits on pro databases that will prevent you from incurring any costs above a set limit. Please take a look at our pricing page for details.

In more detail:

  • Each pro database costs $5/month
  • That $5/mo gets you a pool of up to 2.5B row operations. The pool is continually refilled at a rate of 1000 row operations / second. When you have row operations in the pool, your queries will execute as fast as possible.
  • You can pay $1 per 100M “burst” row operations. These take effect when you’ve exhausted your row operations pool. Without paying for burst row operations, your queries will be throttled to a rate of 1000 row operations per second (the pool refill rate).
  • you can set a limit on burst row operations spending. This is the main mechanism for controlling your spending. If you set a limit of 500M burst operations, for example, you will spend a minimum of $5/month (the base monthly pro database fee) and a maximum of $10 ($5/month plus 500M burst operations at $1/100M = $10 total).