Database does not exist


I’ve created a DB zen/demo_repo and items table in, but when I’m trying to retrieve some data from it, it says: “zen/demo_repo does not exist”.
Can you help me with this?

Thanks for the question! Please take a look at this page in our docs: FAQs for "The Structured Query Language" on Coursera. If you are following this course, it is based on an earlier version of, and you’ll need to make a few changes to follow along. The docs page linked above covers those changes.

Most likely, you’re receiving that error because you’re trying to query a schema that does not exist (e.g. select * from "zen/demo_repo"."table1"). In the earlier version of, a “repository” was a database schema. Now, you get a whole database. By default, tables are located in the “public” schema of the database (in this context, public just means “default”, not publicly available). If you just try select * from <table_name> without trying to specify a schema, your query should work.