Database lag and warm up time for postgres instance?

I notice that the first time I access my DB in a while, the query takes 3-4 seconds. After that it’s sub 1 second.

Is there a warm up time for our database and if so, is. there a paid option that eliminates this warm up time?

Hi @jnarowski, please read: The Connection Lifecycle

In short, is a serverless database offering, so we scale your database all the way down to zero when it is not in use. This is what allows us to host databases freely, and offer a usage-based pricing model instead of requiring users to pay for provisioned compute. We offer minimum scaling only as part of our enterprise offering.

That said, 3-4 seconds is much slower than we’d expect and normally see for cold-starts–normally we expect somewhere in the range of ~250ms. Have you measured the cold-start time to obtain that result? Network latency might also be a factor here. Where is the client you’re connecting from situated geographically?

Network latency is often a huge factor. You can check latency via our UI or via instructions in Troubleshooting Common Connection Issues