Error messages no longer appearing

When writing queries to the database I used to get error messages. Now they seem to have vanished. I am using alastairtyson/multiverse_music_streaming —

Small bug due to very large number of schemata on the left side. We have a fix coming out today. Thanks for reporting!

Does anyone know when this correction is scheduled to be deployed? Support said it was supposed to come out yesterday. However, I’m still unable to see error messages. Thanks!

Thanks for the question! The fix ended up being a little more involved than anticipated. We’re still working on it—I’ll update this thread when I have more details on the updated timeline.

In the meantime, here are a few suggestions:

  • try refreshing your browser window. If you’re not working in a database with a lot of schemas/tables displayed in the sidebar, it’s likely the query status display disappeared after resizing your window, and it may be visible again after a refresh.
  • connect with another SQL client such as beekeeper studio. This will correctly show the error messages.