Install Pgroonga extension for full-text search of any languages

  1. I want to ask to install Pgroonga extension for full-text search of any languages. There’s no solutions yet to support full-text search of any languages in current extensions
  2. Can you clarify about Storage limit in database config ? This platform doesn’t charge for storage of active data. So is that the storage limit for storing inactive data and it only count the inactive data size not all data ? What if the data goes beyond the limit of 100GB ?
  3. In pricing it say Optimized compute for your usage for Pro plan. But I can see that the container using for computing is the same as free plan which is 0.25 CPU, 1GB Memory (burst) in here Can you explain ?

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  1. We’re currently planning on adding Pgroonga support in Q2 of this year. We’ll update this thread if that timeline changes.
  2. You are only charged for inactive data. The storage limit applies to all data, not just inactive data, and you cannot currently go above 100GB. If you need a database with a higher storage limit, let us know and we can discuss possible solutions.
  3. That’s information comes from a private legacy API—it is not representative and not guaranteed to be stable. It is from an old billing system that precedes our current auto-scaling system. In our new plan, you can think of those tiers changing as databases autoscale. We have confirmed you are on the autoscaling plan. Your database resources will scale with load.

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Any update for this, pgroonga ?

Still on the roadmap!

Yea, It’s already Q2