Install postgis extension and create indexes


is it possible to install postgis extension. it’s not working at the moment . also i can’t create indexes at the moment.


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Can you provide an error for Postgis and for CREATE INDEX? I cannot reproduce any issue with basic use for each item.


this is the query I. was trying to execute

Error executing CREATE statement. ERROR: relation “spatial_ref_sys” already exists - Connection: Connection: 1404ms

then i try to execute this

FROM pg_extension;

i only see plpgsql extension there.

indexes are working fine. I think the online editor only supports query. i was testing with that earlier

For Postgis, try:

drop extension if exists postgis;
create extension postgis;

For indexes, you can run any command in the UI and I cannot reproduce any issues with a CREATE INDEX call. Indexes don’t return results so you may not see anything but a green box will show a success. What error are you getting?

can you please try on my account. i still getting the error.

Have you tried dropping the table spatial_ref_sys?