IP Addresses for Looker / Data Studio on Google

Hi, I got a notice that my Looker Studio reports need to open additional ip address blocks for access in order for the reports to continue working properly. I am noticing now periodic report failures. Can these addresses be added? Sorry for cross posting, initially put this in General but Q&A seems more appropriate. Thanks

Hello! We don’t block any IP ranges on bit.io so if you’re seeing periodic failures, it’s not related to data studio IP ranges. Do you have the errors generated by the report failures?

What Looker Studio reports is : Error ID: 49666551
Not sure if that is meaningful to you, but here are screenshots of the error as well as the alert message that Looker Studio displays about opening the ip address. Thanks for checking.

49666551 is a Google error so I recommend reaching out to them for details.

The warning seems unrelated? But either way, we cannot add more IP addresses to our allow list since we already allow all IP addresses

ok thank you for checking

Can you try formatting your database name as username.database rather than username/database? Looker/Google Data Studio used to work fine with either format, but I tested it again and it no longer appears to work with the slash separator. I was able to connect successfully using the . separator.