Monitoring Database ROP_USAGE and BURST_LIMIT with an external system

Hi, we were wondering how we could monitor and eventually alert on some metrics like

  1. Current ROP/s
  2. Maximum Burst Limit
  3. Other relevant metrics

It could be an API or a SQL query, anything we could use to help us react in case Burst is achieved.

Thank you

Hello @alexandre, thanks for reaching out. I’m communicating that to the team for it to be considered and added to our roadmap. I’ll reach to you when there’s news.

Just to understand the product use-case a bit more, what behavior in your app would you change if it knew the database was bursting?

We have a backend system that uses ~2ROP/s and on the frontend, we refresh the data using indexed queries (graphql subscriptions, with a where clause on top of indexed column). Actually, the ROP/s used by the frontend avg 300 per user (with a refresh rate of let say 5s).

Knowing the limit/usage could help us design a system where we would throttle frontend refresh rate by reacting to shortage in credits. The ultimate goal in this scenario would be to allow our backend system to continue pushing data without being throttled and cumulate msgs.

Right now our only way to do that is to be reactive on the lag metric of a queue, but when that happen, it’s too late and the system is already in a state where the database is capped at 1000 ROPS.