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We’ve mentioned this feature in social media a couple of times, but today we’re officially announcing OpenAI-Powered text-to-SQL translation. Read all about it here: AI-Powered Text-to-SQL Translation on |

In short: in the query editor, start a line with:


and then type out a query in natural language. For example, you could go to this database and type:

how many penguins are there on Biscoe island?

and you will receive the translation

SELECT COUNT(*) FROM penguins WHERE island = 'Biscoe';

For more details, and to learn about the open-source project we’re launching to create a state-of-the-art production prompt for text-to-sql translation, read this post on The Inner Join: LLM Prompts for Text-to-SQL Translation | The Inner Join

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We’ve been writing a lot about this topic!

Check out the open-source project on GitHub, and follow this feed for all our AI+Postgres writing.

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