Need help to find demo_repo

I am taking a course. My lab instructions say that “when I created my account” , it created a demo_repo for my login account.

I cannot find this demo_repo, and I need it to complete an assignment.

Thank you

Hi there,

Demo repos where a feature of an earlier version of

The courseware has fallen out of date with the current version of, but we’ve put together the following page which should hopefully help you navigate some of the discrepancies.

If you find any clarifications/tips as you go, please do share in these community forums as I know it will help others taking the same course as you.

Thank you for the reply, but I don’t think this fits my situation. I have seen that page, and it is related to actions that fail when they are tried on the “alanparadise” demo_repo. The problem is that we need are instructed to work in a different demo_repo (or it may be called something else now). I cannot find how to start this in my account.

@jvoege “repos” in the older version of have been replaced by databases. You can create a database in your account and call it whatever you like and it should serve the same function.

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Ah, thanks for clarifying the question further and @george for the help. To add onto George’s clarification, used to automatically create a “demo repo” in every account, while you now can create a database instead.

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