Postgis support not available? can't install earthdistance

is it possible to get this extension installed?

Hi @cloudstacksoln, thanks for posting!

Are you trying to use PostGIS or earthdistance? These are separate extensions. PostGIS is supported and can be enabled by running the following in your database:


The earthdistance extension is not currently supported. I will check if that’s something we can add.

For future reference, the list of supported extensions can be found here: Supported SQL Reference

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i see thank you george.
right now we need earthdistance but PostGIS could work depending in out end if it gets accepted but our original system uses earthdistance

Got it! I will follow up very shortly on whether we can add earthdistance.

Update: we are going to add support for earthdistance. Support should be rolled out by EOD. I will report back here once it’s been added :slight_smile:

earthdistance support has been added.

you can enable it by running:

CREATE EXTENSION earthdistance;

thank you very much george!