Postgresql connection limit?

I built a web application using and AWS lambda.
However, under load, I am unable to connect to due to connection issues.
Is there a good solution?
Is there no other way but to use connection pools such as pgbouncer?

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Hi! Could you expand on what kind of connection issues you’re experiencing?

It sounds like you’re reaching the maximum connection limit. Under the free plan, the connection limit per-database is 56, however upgrading to Pro increases this limit significantly. If you’re staying on the free plan, or if the Pro connection limit is still insufficient for the load you’re experiencing, then using a connection pooler is probably the way to go.

Thank you very much.
I upgraded to the Pro plan but it does not appear to have increased the number of connections.
Do I need to rebuild the database?

You do not need to rebuild your database. The config change should now be propagated. Thank you for your patience!