Pricing Change on March 10

On March 9, will migrate to a new pricing plan. We’re making this change because we got universal feedback that users wanted an always-on database, to only pay for what is used, to set spend limits, and to not worry about cpu or ram.

Free databases will continue to remain on the free tier. Every account provides 3 free databases with 3GiB of data. Because usage limits are changing, free databases may experience reduced performance. If you have a popular, active database, review these changes closely.

On March 9th, you can upgrade any database to Pro for $5 per month.

The big changes

  • Rather than a Pro subscription, there are now Pro databases.
  • Rather than queriers paying for usage, database owners pay for Pro databases
  • Usage now includes writes, updates, and deletes in addition to reads (i.e., the old “rows queried”). Together, these are called “row operations”.
  • When you hit a budget limit, your database is slowed rather than stopped.

This new pricing allows us to offer guaranteed availability and performance. In our old plan, when you exceeded the rows-queried limit, you could not use any database. In the new plan, when you hit a budget limit, your database is slowed rather than stopped.

How it works

To provide more consistent and higher performance, each database includes a constantly refilling pool of row operations. As you query and use the database, you consume row operations from that pool. If you don’t query, the pool continues to fill up. If the pool has available row operations, your database will perform those operations as fast as possible. If the pool is empty, your database will slowly perform those operations at the pool refill rate. When the pool is empty, you can configure it to burst with additional row operations and set a monthly limit on how much you pay.

Think of it like a gas tank that is always slowly refilling – if you run out of gas, you can still drive at the refill rate or pay extra to speed up. When you create the database, you get a full tank of gas. And when you’re not driving, you save up gas for later usage.

The new pricing options

Free tier (3 databases per account)

  • 3GiB of storage – same as before
  • Pool of 500M row operations
  • 200 row operations per second pool auto-refill

Pro Database ($5 per database per month)

  • 100 GiB of storage – you’re no longer charged for inactive data
  • Pool of 2.5B row operations
  • 1000 row operations per second pool auto-refill
  • Burst for $1 per 100M operations when pool is empty

All accounts include 3 free 3GiB databases. If you need more storage, more databases, or more performance, you’ll need a Pro database.

Finally, some important notes:

  • If you have shared your database with others, you will be responsible for their usage on your database. Set your limits carefully. Once your free database exceeds the usage limits, it will become slower and that may impact your users. If you anticipate high usage, we recommend that you upgrade your database to Pro.
  • If you downgrade more than three databases or have free databases with more than 3GiB of storage, they will be disabled after a 30 day grace period.
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I know one potential disappointment with this announcement (which we’ve heard from users about) is that it will no longer be possible to create unlimited free databases with a Pro subscription.

One use case of is for hobby and small low-load apps that would be prohibitively expensive with a $25/month managed database. Our team is keenly aware of this, as most of us enjoy hacking on side-projects on the weekends and many of those involve free tier databases.

We carefully studied other database services and 3x3 GiB free databases + $5/paid database provides an equivalent, or better, free tier allocation than alternatives and a much lower entry cost per paid db once the free db limit is reached.

For particularly light apps with distinct data models, it may also be possible to run multiple apps on different schemas within a single free database, conserving quota for more apps at that tier.

with this new pricing can you please explain how storage provisioning works and pricing if the customer needs more than 100 GB storage for pro database?

100 GiB is included with each Pro database. Our Enterprise plan is for more than 100GiB

To learn more about’s new pricing plan, visit Pricing — for a detailed breakdown. Additionally, we invite you to read our blog post on the topic, where we delve into how we arrived at this pricing model and why we believe it is the optimal solution. Click here to access the blog post: Pricing serverless postgres for guaranteed availability |

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