Queried rows calculation - high usage

Hi bit.io team,

Today I noticed that according to my dashboard I already made 1mio queries. I don’t quite understand how queried rows are calculated since I am mainly building a web app and I am working on my local computer.


Any idea on this high usage ?


What the dashboard here is showing is the number of rows queried, not number of queries. bit.io charges by the number of rows queried. For example, if your table has 1000 rows and a query has to read all of those rows to satisfy the request, then you’ll have queried 1000 rows. The cause for the first 1M is likely from queries you’ve ran.

Our documentation provides some additional details:

BTW, stay tuned for pricing updates in the coming weeks

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Thanks for the answer and pointing me to the documentation.
I was surprised because I have like 10 tables with maximum 10rows per table.

If you’re doing a lot of DDL (CREATE, DROP, ALTER), we automatically refresh the schema for the UI. That refresh query will scan the information_schema table which is a larger table. It would require a lot of changes to get to the free limit, however. Other users have discovered that their SQL client does a lot of hidden querying that can add up.

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