Security concern - no 2FA?

Hi folks, looks great! I like the web interface, and the free tier seems generous for side projects.

I have a serious security concern however in that I don’t see a way to add 2FA to my account. This gives me major pause as to the security of the product in general.

Is 2FA on the roadmap? Generally is following other industry best practices as far as security?


Hi @jts, thanks for checking out and for this feedback!

We appreciate feedback like this, and I’ll pass the specific request for more priority on 2FA back to the team. RE: security of in general, we do take security very seriously and you can read more about key measures that we take here.

@doss thank you for the prompt reply. Further thanks for relaying the 2FA priority back to the team, and for linking to the security measures. I did find the measures a bit sparsely detailed compared to other providers (e.g. Elephant), though I do appreciate the current measures in place.

Understood, thanks for the additional feedback @jts!

@jts One of my colleagues reminded me that you can also use Social Auth via Google or GitHub rather than establishing a login password.